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We work for you not the airlines!

When Joan’s Travel Partners (then Blue Horizons Travel) started in 1986, we were determined not to lose sight to three important standards we set from the first day. One was that we would never run a “normal” travel agency. You know the type, a one-size fits all bunch of order takers. Your know your time is money. That is why we charge only a $15 service fee. There are no hidden fees, no increased costs for calling after hours or on weekends. We also have discounts on all major car rental companies and hotel chains worldwide. That devotion to your bottom line has fared well during the past decades as the travel business underwent incredible changes. My clients knew that they could get something no internet site no matter how flashy could provide, that is concern and personal attention and money saving techniques.

The second standard was to follow each client throughout the trip. No, we do not book someone in the seat next to you – but we do monitor your progress whether you are going 100 or 10,000 miles away. In these days of frazzled nerves, airline cancellations, strikes and mergers clients often need an experienced agent to answer their call when stranded in some far away airport. There is one thing you will not see as you watch television news reports of millions of passengers stranded in airports, some for days due to the latest airlines mess. That is the face of even one of our clients. Why? Because every morning we scan our records, rebook those people whose flights have been cancelled and run them a new ticket. They go directly to their new flight – bypassing the counter, the lines and the hassle.

Whenever they travel, our clients are protected when airlines cancel flights due to weather, mechanical problems or other issues they love to cook up!

That is the value of a professional travel agent in your corner! Think of us as your insurance policy – for a mere $15 a ticket – you get a real person at the end of the phone being proactive to keep you away from the pitfalls of modern travel!

That leads me to our third unbending standard – we work for you not the airlines! Passengers need advocates and even when it was unpopular to do so we fought the airlines when they forgot – as they often do – that this is a service business!

These three standards have been serving clients for over two decades, as they will continue to do so in the future.

We can also arrange for limousine and theater tickets and rail tickets here, in Europe and the Far East and have an agent on call 24/7.

Our fees for airline tickets remain the lowest in the travel agent industry – just $15. That is a small price to pay for fast service, on the road assistance and a monthly report of your employees travel to assist you with credit card reconciliation. I am looking forward of being of service to you!

President Joan Porte is a Certified Travel Associate (CTA), Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) by the International Airline Travel Association. (IATA). She is also a graduate of the "College of Disney Knowledge", the certification for Travel Agents from Walt Disney World.

Travel Partners - certified specialists in travel to Australia, the South Pacific, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Great Britain, Holland, Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, and Puerto Rico. Luxury travel specialists. Spa Specialists. Club Med and Sandals Super Clubs specialists. Graduates of the Mirage Resorts and Marriott Hotel Experts Course.

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